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    Brief Introduction of Development Area

    英文網站 / Brief Introduction of Development Area

     Tianjin Beichen Economic and Technological Development Area (BEDA) was founded in July 1992 in the northern section of Tianjin central area, with a total planned area of 85 square kilometers, and has become an important hub in the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, making it an ideal destination of resources and projects from Beijing.

    Under the correct leadership of the local CPC Committee and governmental leaders, BEDA worked actively to create favorable environment and conditions for industrial transformation, to accelerate the local development. It spares no efforts to promote the introduction and development of key projects and keep improving its coordination capacity, through which BEDA has won high popularity and increasing regional influence. With the steady increase of economy volume and improving economic quality, in March 2013, BEDA was upgraded with approvals from the State Council to become a national economic and technological development areas, and began to implement prevailing national policies and practices in relation to development areas.

    In September 2016, the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued the Notice of NDRC on Supporting the Construction of Industrial and Urban Integration demonstration Area (FGBDQ [2016] No. 2076), by which a BEDA-focused national industrial and urban integration development area was to be built, in order to pool all talents to build it as an area featured by industrial and urban integration and environment-friendly development. As the principal part of the demonstration area, BEDA stuck to its development pattern of “One Belt, Two Towns and Three Bases”, and took the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Express Road as the axis of its location development, and focused on building five major industrial clusters: high-end equipment manufacturing, biological medicine, new energy and new materials, new generation of information technology, and modern logistics. Besides, BEDA took active moves to introduce high-end service industry and facilitated the development of financial and investment industry, under the development philosophies of “optimizing the second industry and strengthening the third industry”.

    Through continuous development of over twenty years, BEDA has successfully built up its pattern of “One Area and Four Parks”: the BEDA core area, the Beichen Science & Technology Park of Binhai National Independent Innovation Area, the High-end Equipment Industrial Park, the Land Port Logistics Equipment Industrial Park and the Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Industrial Park, by which BEDA has been standing at the forefront of Chinese economic development under the golden titles of a national economic and technology development area, a national demonstration area of independent innovation and a national press and publication equipment industrial park.

    So far, BEDA has a land coverage of 46 square kilometers and has attracted over 3100 enterprises from 26 countries and regions, including 25 Fortune Global 500 enterprises. Contributing more than CNY 300 thousand Yuan/Mu to the taxation income, BEDA has become the unchallengeable engine of local economy. According to the generation evaluation and rating of all national economic and technological development area, as released by the Ministry of Commerce in 2018, BEDA ranked among the Top 20 out of the 219 national economic and technological development areas, making it the most shining star in Beichen.

    Throughout the past two decades, BEDA upheld to its philosophy of “Modesty, Honesty, and Knowledge-Action Integration”, and kept pushing the reform and innovation to a deeper level and safeguarded the vitality of local economic development through great efforts and proactive actions. BEDA has grown to be an important base of high-end manufacturing industry and an export-oriented economic area with coordinated development of the second and third industries in Tianjin. The historical success has witnessed the progress and achievements of BEDA, and the high-level planning is shaping a bright future of BEDA.

    After the 19th National Congress of CPC, BEDA stuck to the great thoughts of President Xi Jinping on the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and developed the advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry by taking actions to optimize the industrial structure and by promoting the productivity. With the leading roles of “Internet +” in the construction of intelligent parks and sponge city, BEDA holds up to its missions and makes continuous efforts to open up a new look in the future economic development. 
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